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    The True Story About Princess Diana * The Queen Of Tarts She Stole Our Hearts * Di's tragedy
    The Wizard Of New Zealand -- 1997-09-04

    The true story about PrincessDiana from the point of view of the Wizard of New Zealand.
    Dorothy -- 2003-04-23

    'Round about a Pound a Week' by MaudReeves published in 1913 outlines Fabian Womens Group's research intoliving conditions for low waged families
    Film Review - 10 Things I Hate About You - William Shakespeare
    Siobhan Coleman -- 1999-07-16

    Bring on the fun! - the strength of 10 Things I Hate About You lies in its easy-going, light-hearted humour guaranteed to make everyone smile.
    The Death Of John * John Lennon * John Lennon's bizarre death * Mark David Chapman * A song by Marek Shalom about John Lennon and the strange events surrounding his murder * J. D. Salinger * The Catcher in the
    Marek Shalom -- 1998-02-06

    A song by Marek Shalom about John Lennon and the strange events surrounding his murder. The song is available in the popular RealAudio format.
    Yahoo for new Canterbury Web Directory!
    Dagny -- 1997-11-13

    Article about Canterbury Net. A comprehensive listing of World Wide Web sites pertaining to the wonderful region of Canterbury, New Zealand.
    Social Responsibility? How About Political Responsibility?
    QC -- 1998-03-06

    Article questions the intentions of theNew Zealand Government's initiative on social and family responsibility andcalls for increased political responsibility.
    Tertiary Education Review Green Paper - Part 4
    Michael Mulheron & John B. Turner -- 1998-02-06

    Proposal to form the Tertiary EducationRound Table (TERT) to promote discussion and disseminate ideas aboutliberal education.
    Margery Blackman - Textile Curator and Tapestry Weaver
    Dorothy -- 1998-08-28

    Textile curator and tapestry weaver,Margery Blackman, is interviewed about the Otago Museum's ethnographictextiles and costume and the Maori material.
    Arts And Letters Daily - ALD
    Dorothy -- 1998-10-16

    Article describes Arts and LettersDaily, the new web site giving academics information updated daily aboutthe best writing on arts and letters on the Internet .
    Dr Neil Cherry is interviewed about aninternational scientific workshop held in Vienna to study health effects ofcellphones.
    Dorothy -- 1999-01-29


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